Many moons ago after bringing my unique "Glow in the dark Jewelry" to the internet friends began calling me the Queen of Glow. In an effort to keep you all informed of my latest contests, sales, and glowing gifts I have put together this website with blog and links to various things I am working on and how to contact me! - Monique Lula

Visit my facebook or check out my etsy shop to see my latest work!

Glow Lockets ™ Shop

I have had my Etsy shop open for over 5 years now and you can order many styles of glow in the dark lockets, pendants, charm bracelets, Fairy Lanterns, potion bottles, and Glow Lockets ™

Glow Fairy ™ Jewelry

I created the original Glow Fairy ™ line of jewelry after being inspired by my childhood with my grandmother. I have made this enchanted fairy glowing jewelry including lanterns, necklaces, that glow with fairy charms for many years since my teens and enjoy making these delightful glow gifts for both young and adults!

Geek Dungeon

Our unique glow in the dark jewelry makes perfect video game jewelry gifts and we have a shop dedicated to professionally hand made gamer Zelda, Warcraft, Minecraft, Mario inspired Star Wars, Star Trek necklaces, pendants, cuff links and more!

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