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Glow in the dark Earth Day Contest

Earth Day Giveaway! I wanted to do a special giveaway for Earth Day and thought my glowing Earth was perfect, will announce winner the night of Earth Day April 22. Share, like, and comment pretty please! ♥

Earth glow monique lula glow locket

Here is a special glow in the dark Earth to celebrate Earth Day, just come over to my facebook and join in on the fun!

Free Full Moon Glow in the dark Pendant

Hey everyone, many moons ago I started giving away one of my Real Full Moon Glow Pendants each month as the full moon comes! And it is that time again my friends.

If you are on Facebook, take advantage of this free contest and win a Real Glow Moon!

real full glow in the dark moon pendant necklace

My jewelry is professionally handmade in a safe non toxic smoke free studio.

Simply wear my glow in the dark moon in the sunlight for a few minutes and youll be amazed at how bright it glows. It glows just like moonlight!